Certain key concepts are often wrongly ignored when talking about micromechanics:
Trust, Tradition, Dedication.

These words appear unimportant in a world of cold-blooded precision and mathematics.
Yet these values lie at the basis of every operation performed by Utilità, a leading manufacturing company in the Made in Italy sector.

Operating since 1992, first as a subcontractor in the jewellery sector before specializing in implantology, orthopedics, spinal and maxillofacial implants, micromechanics (watch-making/precision mechanics) and aeronautics, Utilità adopts types of working with the most absolute precision by highly-qualified personnel and in respect of the strictest quality control systems and client specifications.

The spirit of innovation
Many Italian producers obstinately cling to technologies and methods by now obsolete, terrorized of the idea of having to revise their methods and objectives. Perfectly aware of the importance of innovation in every field, Utilità has always considered continuous innovation and investments in time and resources for the acquisition of know-how and avant-garde instrumentation and machinery as part of the job. The extremely high quality of Utilità working are the proof of the added value of this company philosophy.